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What is Lollyo

Lollyo Personal Cloud is service that allows you to access files from your computer anywhere in the world, from any of your devices as long as they are connected to internet.

The data you store on Lollyo is yours and yours only

Lollyo app runs on your home computer and acts as storage for your Lollyo Personal Cloud account. Install LollyoSync on your other devices(like computers, tablets and smartphones, etc.) to your Lollyo Personal Cloud storage to download or upload, share with others or keep your files synchronized. You can also access your files using https://app.lollyo.com

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Privacy! Privacy! Privacy!

Your files are yours and yours alone

Lollyo Personal Cloud secures all communication using SSL encryption. This means communication between storage and Lollyo server and between Lollyo server and your connected devices is encrypted. But this is not all…

Unlimited cloud storage

We could still read ourselves your files as they pass by our Lollyo server. So, we added one more encryption level. Files are encrypted before they are sent from your device(ex: your mobile phone) and decrypted after they are received(ex: your home computer). And all this with an encryption key that we do not know.

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You control the size

The storage is on your own computer and Lollyo does not limit the size of your personal cloud storage. The free space available on your computer is as much as you can store on your Lollyo Personal Cloud. Be that couple of Gigs or several TerraBytes, you decide. Want more? Make more room on your computer or get a bigger HDD.

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