Access your files

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Lollyo doesn't store your files in the cloud. Instead, it creates a secured gateway directly between your mobile devices and your main storage, be that your home computer or laptop. This way, you can be sure that your files are yours only.

Stay connected
with your home or office

You can install the storage client anywhere you want, be it at home or at work. Then, you can use your mobile devices or any web browser to access your files from anywhere around the world, as long as you have access to the internet.

You control the size

The Lollyo storage is based on your local storage unit. Have 1TB of space on your PC? You can allocate as much size as you want to your Lollyo folder, even all of it! And since we only have one pricing plan, if your storage grows, the price doesn't!

Your computer is always
a couple of taps away

The Lollyo app helps you quicky gain access to your computer. Once logged in, just tap the application icon to access your main storage. Tap again and the selected file will be downloaded to your device. As easy as it can get!

Privacy First

Your files are yours and yours alone

Online traffic can be dangerous. In order not to get hijacked, we have to use encryption. Lollyo secures all communication using SSL encryption, so your files can't be read by anyone else except you.

Effortlessly manage
all your files

Move, copy, rename, delete, you name it! With our simple drag and drop interface built directly into the web browser, sorting out your files remotely has never been easier! You can even choose between grid and list view, to your preference.

Easily share files

We're sure you're tired of using all those transfer websites. With Lollyo, you can instantly generate links to your files so you can share them your files with your colleagues, friends and family. You can even share a whole folder.